Prompt Parcels stands for
Price, Performance & Expertise
Only for Businesses
At Prompt Parcels we only offer our services for Parcels and Pallets, focusing on what we are good at and conscientiously referring clients to other sources of expertise when we judge that our serves are not tailored to their interests.
Highest Quality Service
Only professional logistic specialists who have worked in the logistic industry work for Prompt Parcels, and they have specialised experience in providing solutions to bespoke requirement. 
Multiple Solutions
Sometimes couriers fail to deliver, donít deliver the right consignment, or lose items. Our philosophy is simple. To ensure our clients consignments are delivered just as we have promised, we have agreements with a number of couriers and hauliers.
About us
Prompt Parcels is a specialist facilities management & logistic broker for businesses, widely acknowledged as the leading broker for sending bags, parcels and pallets in the UK and abroad.

At Prompt Parcels we know how important your consignments are to. You plan weeks, perhaps months in advance to ensure your customers receive their deliveries safely and on time. But getting it right isn't just about luck. Itís about commitment to detail, thatís where we come in.